Wanted heritage items midcentury and late 60`s

It is emotional to go through your childhood memories when your parent has passed away. Surely there are things you always were craving for but also those you were trying to convince your mom to get rid of the sooner the better.
I inherited this opal glased flower pot with a wooden flower stand. No idea from what century the pot is ..never mind it is awful anyway.

Hidious or not?

Did I need these ? No..but

I could not give it away either as I heard from my aunt that the flower stand is from late 18th-century and they kind of go hand in hand with the pot.
So the trial period starts with multiple options.

Colonial style

Maybe with this cycad? Quite colonial style, isn´t it ?

Japanese maple tree

How about this japanese maple tree with a modern pot?

Oh, monstera has exploded

Or monstera in terracotta pot? Everyone loves monstera, bad style clash!

Modern versus classic

Modern grey pot and cactus? I don´t think so!

Match made in heaven

This is better..or what do you think?

I `ll give it a go in our living room corner with the original setting…maybe…just maybe I `ll get used it. (do not think so)

Oldies but goldies

The loved ones.

These treasures I will be well cherished . The midcentury small bowl where my mom kept her rings. There is no label nor information about the producer but I just love the midcentury vibe of it. Also the Polish cups in my fav green color they fit perfectly my retro respect style 🙂
And the watch!!! It has that same olive green face and is Swiss made Lanco.
The only thing is you have to remember to wind it otherwise it will not show the time…thanks to  modern technology we do not even remember that is how it used to be!!

Iittala and Arabia in cobalt blue

Retro is also welcome to my collection of daily usables. These cobalt blue candle holder and tea cups with signature of the artist on the bottom are on daily use.

Welcome new day!

New life with new settings for the glass design items

Kuura glass

This Kuura glass from Iittala Tapio Virkkala was not always my favorite.

Can it be, the older we get ,more we respect the childhood design? Did not think in my teens that the Festive candle holders and the Kuura glasses could be on my livingroom table and grow to be my favorites with the Helena Tynell Pala-vase.

The good thing is, we are entitled to change our taste! Or does our taste grow with us?

Do you have some hated and beloved heirloom from your childhood home?
Have a great weekend with them!

This article was originally published in my retrorespect blog but I felt it is still relevant and in memorium of my mom  can be published also on my company site.

Tämän artikkelin kirjoitin alunperin retrorespect nimimerkillä, mutta kerroksellisuuden ajankohtaisuus ja äitini 1-vuotis muistopäivä ansaitsevat tulla uudelleen julkaistuksi omilla kotisivuillani.

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