Stockholm a shopping paradise?

I visit Stockholm way too seldom. 20 minutes with Arlanda Express and you are in the heart of the city. I took a quick look last week while visiting Formex Fair and was surprised positively. There is always a lot of construction going on in the city center  so you have know your way.

Ballet blad colors
Terracotta and peach

The stores open at 10.00 so I had time to do some window shopping before opening. That is why the fotos have reflections and a fotographer is visible as well 🙂 These settings for cozy living room are from Åhlens. The color choice is not a surprise as these burgundy, terracotta , peachy colors are now everywhere. At least the flowers are genuine which makes me happy. Gorgeous ”balett blad” or coleus has been the inspiration of these color combos. Autumn feeling with soft warm textures of textiles. And it is now surprise that the velvet is strongly present and brass metal furniture and candle holders. The same colors overpowered the last fall Formex Fair.

Green and Fresh Arket

Arket  a new concept store by H&M

Just opposite side of the street you find a breath of fresh air at Arket.  Well curated selection of decor items and natural cosmetics. Unfortunately I could not carry these must-have-items in my hand luggage. Next time have to take the ferry so that I can also enjoy these Rosemary soaps and body creams!

Rosemary soap

Scandinavian Design from Designtorget

Greetings from Designtorget
Shelving system and salt grater
Scandinavian paper towel holder

Sergel squere is holding interesting stores in the basement floor, like Designtorget. There again I was hoping to be travelling with ferry and with car. So many items could have travelled home with me. Magazine holder-slash tray table,  transferable shelves,clamp tray These round metal shelves comes in all sizes and colors. And who doesn’t need a salt grater? Surely the household paper holder in natural leather and wood is like a icon of scandinavian design and hand craft.

Vases of all sort but especially those with a cork and pipe for just one branch or flower were interesting. I am always looking for functional furniture for offices and business space and fell in love with the leather seated Menu  bench which has practical small side table.  This would work in entry halls for private homes as well.

New restaurant world Eataly

Eataly fruit stand

Even when only window shopping you get hungry. Eataly is the place to visit in Stockholm. Foodhall is a delight for eye and stomach. Same concept as in New York but in fantastic location in Stockholm, Biblioteksgatan. Just look up in the main hall. Stunning ceiling will give you something to admire while waiting for your dish.

Eye candy for eaters
Fresh flowers on the way out of Eataly

On the way out you can also pick up some flowers…I think those I could carry on board. Speaking of flowers… I just love the fresh real flowers and fear of the invasion of faux-flowers.


Flowerpower rules

Flower power at Biblioteksgatan


Thank you Stockholm City for inspiring visit. Camera full of ideas  for Interior Design and expectations for the next visit!






PS:Tällä kertaa kirjoitin englanniksi, koska haluan jakaa nämä Tukholma- vinkit  globaalisti. Villa Maireasta myös vielä englanniksi, sitten taas palataan suomen kieleen.

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